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The Adventures of Sporky est. 1997

"Hailing from the Planet of Sharp & Pointy Things, SPORKY our little Alien Hero braves a treacherous journey to Earth in search of his father. Sporky crash-lands here on earth into the Silverback Comicbook store where he meets and befriends a wacky crew of comic book geeks who vow to help him rescue his father Commander Cleaver, from the clutches of the Villainous REDSTICK"

"Adventures of Sporky is an an Animated Sci Fi Adventure Story about our toy, a little alien hero named Sporky, who crashlands into a comicbook store in search of his father. Created by Miguel GORILLA Lopez former animator &, character designer for The Simpsons & Family Guy, along with his business partner, artist, writer & director Megan Nicole McKinney.

The Adventures of Sporky is the property of GORILLA Enterprises est. 1997.,m